Well, my usual apologies for not posting anything in the last 60-70 days, but after I went on the Celebrex--aside from a little situation that I'm not sure was uveitis related (could have been BAK preservatives)--things have been pretty quiet.  Almost 11 months of no flares from taking Celebrex twice a day (200mg each time).  This is promising.

There were a few issues with Celebrex, however; namely, I was always worried about my stomach, I retained a lot of water on my body (slight edema) and my blood pressure seemed to go up.   This made me worry about the future, but generally I was pretty comfortable.

Around Thanksgiving, things got worse. I started to get severe heartburn and cramping and I started to worry that this might be caused by the Celebrex.  Looking back, Celebrex might have been a culprit or at least prevented healing, but generally, I had eaten a lot more starch than usual and was drinking a brand of coffee that I now know gave me an upset stomach.

Due to the stomach pain, I stopped the Celebrex about a week and a half ago and I've been struggling somewhat.  The good thing is that I lost a lot of water on my body--water that probably wasn't healthy for my heart.  Coming off the Celebrex has been, how do I put this? Ouch?  I've been using Voltaren Emulgel down my spine 3-4 times a day and massaging it in with heat.  Surprisingly I've found it as good as the Celebrex for the back pain, although I need someone to apply it each time.  Not the most efficient. If I go too long, my back immediately lets me know.

The problem is I can't put the cream in my eye.

After about 10 days, my right eye developed redness, aching, accomodation pain and a white nodule.  I can't say if it was nodular episcleritis or not, but the eye doctor told me that she saw no flare or cells.  This can often be because the inflammation is still in the iris and not in the vitreous, however, so who knows.

I did not treat (except for Nevanac, an NSAID drop) and the pain and aching has resolved quite a bit on its own.  That's the second time I have waited out an attack.  I'm hoping the anecdotal stories of inflammation gradually 'burning itself out' will be my case.  Right now, I'd say my back inflammation is almost as bad as my eye inflammation. Oh, by the way, I did do Dragonslayer's KickAS iritis protocol (not the fasting, the other thing) and that helped greatly.  After only a single try.

The other thing is that I started a probiotic (Align) and lactoferrin based on something I read about intestinal issues--and it seems my intestines have a ways to go.  A lot of pain in my gut.  If you believe that the microbiome influences the autoimmune system, then you might guess the connection I am making between inflammation in my body, my eyes and my gut.  I've never really suffered from IBS, but I wouldn't describe my intestines as 'no problem'.  Since a child I've had intestinal issues.  Is it working?  Too soon to tell, but there have been changes.

So that's it for now: off the Celebrex, on the Voltaren cream, probiotics, still taking tumeric and eating a no starch diet.  Managing okay, but I'm not working at the moment and trying to stay low stress.  Who knows what would happen if I started a 9-5, which I'll eventually have to go back to.  Pressures in the eye dropped to 16/16, which isn't bad.

I'm really anxious being off Celebrex, because it was like an insurance policy for me.  Will go back if there's more eye problems. I'll keep you updated.